Summer Remedial/Accelerated/Enrichment Program

  • The Northern Region Educational Services Commission (NRESC) currently offers summer credit recovery for any students in grades 6-12.  The current locations are Clifton and Wayne.  This service allows students to stay on track to ensure that they graduate on time, eliminates and/or eases the need for students to double up on courses during the school year, and ensures that class sizes are reasonable. School districts wanting to offer summer credit recovery options at their local high school please feel free to call Ms. Ayanna Thorne, Director of  Alternative & Non-Traditional Programs.


Ayanna ThorneAyanna Thorne
Director of Alternative and Non-Traditional Programs
Francesca LeishmanFrancesca Leishman
Administrative Assistant to the Education Department
Summer School CliftonSummer School Clifton
973-614-8585 Ext 801 
Summer School WayneSummer School Wayne
973-614-8585 Ext 800 

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