Type of Service Rates
Skylands School for the Exceptional
(Tuition includes 6 therapy sessions per week)
Multiple Disability $69,500.00
Autism/Sensory Defensive $69,500.00
Orthopedically Disabled $69,500.00
Cognitive (Moderate, severe) $69,500.00
Visually Impaired $69,500.00
Pre-School Disabled $69,500.00
Neurologically impaired $69,500.00
Traumatic brain Injury $69,500.00
ESC Extended School Year (5 weeks) $7,500.00
NRESC Summer School Tuition $340.00
Home Instruction $60.00/hour
Pompton Lakes Day Care Center See Attached Rate Sheet
Riverdale After-Care Program
Professional Support Services
Occupational Therapy1 $95.00/hour
Speech Language Therapy1 $95.00/hour
Physical Therapy1 $95.00/hour
ABA Therapy1 $95.00/hour
Nursing Services1 $95.00/hour
Psychological Evaluation $375.00
Social Evaluation $375.00
Educational Evaluation $375.00
Speech/Language Evaluation $375.00
Occupational Therapy Evaluation $375.00
Physical Therapy Evaluation $375.00
IEP Development per Specialist $150.00
Meeting Attendance $95.00
Social Worker, Per Diem TBD
Psychologist, Per Diem TBD
LDTC, Per Diem TBD
CST, Per Diem TBD
BCBA, Per Diem TBD
Non-Public Nursing Services
Non-Public Nursing Services 6%
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management TBD
Business Adminstration Services
Business Administration Services TBD
Substitute Teacher Registry
Per pupil $10.00
Computer Tech Services
Per hour TBD
Per Diem TBD
Under $500,000 in contracts 4%
Over $500,000 in contracts 3%
School Nutrition Advertising
School Nutrition Advertising $80 per district/charter
1Fees for Annual Contracts TBD based on included cost factors
2Per diem is based on a 6.5 hour day


For any additional questions about NRESC rates, please contact: Nicholas Vancheri, Director of Education · (973) 614-8585 ext. 3811 or 3818