NRESC Spotlight

Celebrating Second Home's New Facility
The NRESC is proud to announce the opening of our new day habilitation center for adults with special needs at 1655 Valley Road in Wayne: Second Home! On March 11, 2021, Dr. Nicholas Vancheri, NRESC Superintendent of Schools, and Mrs. Danielle Casolaro, NRESC Supervisor of Adult Special Services, led a successful ribbon-cutting ceremony for the community. Also on hand to help open the new facility were Dr. Michele Pillari, NRESC Board President and Woodland Park Public Schools Superintendent, and Mayor Chris Vergano of the Township of Wayne. For more details, click here.

Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying

HIB Information

2018-2019 HIB ABR Grade
Skylands School: 71 out of 78
Hope Academy: 68 out of 78
Preakness: N/A in '18-'19
District: 70 out of 78

HIB Reporting Form
Policy 5512

Nicholas Vancheri, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

(973) 614-8585 ext. 3811

Debbie Martinelli, Teacher/Anti-Bullying Specialist at Skylands

(973) 934-7292

Ayanna Thorne, Principal of Hope and Preakness Academies

(973) 928-1509 / (551) 500-3628: Hope Academy
(973) 768-9229: Preakness Academy