NRESC Spotlight


Preakness Academy
The Commission, in our efforts to meet the growing needs of the county, is very excited to announce that Preakness Academy in Wayne has officially opened and is taking student enrollments.

Preakness Academy is as an alternative middle school for grades 5-8 general and special education (not including BD) students. The school is able to enroll up to 40 pupils.

Potential students are those who may benefit from:

  • - A specialized learning environment with a personalized touch.
  • - Individual and group sessions with a counselor and/or behaviorist.
  • - A more structured and meaningful learning environment for long-term suspensions and home instruction.

The Commission has purchased the most recent modular furniture to foster a collaborative environment (see below). In addition, the NRESC will continue to facilitate building walkthroughs as requested by school districts.



Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying

HIB Information

2017-2018 HIB ABR Grade
Skylands School: 56 out of 78
Hope Academy: 57 out of 78
District: 57 out of 78

HIB Reporting Form
Policy 5512

Nicholas Vancheri, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

(973) 614-8585 ext. 3811

Debbie Martinelli, Teacher/Anti-Bullying Specialist at Skylands

(973) 934-7292

William Osborne, Assistant Principal/Anti-Bullying Specialist at Hope Academy and Preakness Academy

(973) 928-1507: Hope Academy
(973) 768-9229: Preakness Academy