Hope Academy

Hope Academy, a 9-12 alternative high school program of the Northern Region Education Services Commission, offers a chance for success to the students of Passaic HIgh School. It is our goal to provide academic course work, credit recovery and real world experiences to students who have not met with success in a traditional high school setting. A student to teacher ratio of 12:1 allows for more individualized attention to maximize student learning and provide tools to overcome their situational and environmental challenges that brought them to Hope. Hope Academy works in conjunction with students, families and the Passaic High School staff to create a network of support and multiple pathways to a diploma.

Hope Academy is committed to protecting the school community and has recently tested all drinking water supplies for lead. Learn more about our lead testing and view the test results here.



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2018-2019 HIB ABR Grade
Hope Academy: 68 out of 78
District: 70 out of 78



Hope Academy

School Phone Number: (973) 928-1509

School Address: 266 Harrison Street, Passaic, NJ 07055

Principal: Ms. Ayanna Thorne

Assistant Principal: Vacant

Nurse: Krystal Romero

Nicholas Vancheri, Director of Education/District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

(973) 614-8585 ext. 3811

Ayanna Thorne, Principal of Hope Academy

(973) 928-1509


Building Staff

Ayanna Thorne, Principal,

Miss Millie, Confidential Secretary,

Lisa Holt, Attendance Secretary,

Marilyn Santiago, School Counselor,


Nurse K,


Instructional Staff

Mr. DePaola, Music,

Miss Heather, APEX,

Mrs. LeFebvre, History,

Mrs. Perrella, English,

Ms. Gray, English,

Mrs. Morales, Spanish,

Mrs. Termanini, Geometry/Statistics,

Miss Evans, Algebra 1 & 2,

Mrs. Szabo, Art,

Dr. Cieslak, Sciences,

Mr. Carroll, Physical Education & Health,

Mr. Zayas, Physical Education & Health,